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Apple Crumble Coffee Cake


It's been a hectic start to fall. Between starting grad school (having homework for the first time in 8 years!) and launching our software platform we just haven't made enough husband/wife "us" time. During an infrequent quiet moment this week I found myself reminiscing back to our tiny little apartment in San Diego and our sun-filled mornings walking up the hill to get coffee and split a coffee cake (which was actually more of ridiculously delicious 3 inch layer of crumb topping a moist and spongy cake). I immediately thought of the amazing big crumb coffee cake so beautifully made and photographed by Smitten Kitchen- only I had a bag of apples from our CSA just waiting to be used. So now this weekend has become an "us" weekend. Friday night we have a fancy dinner out using a gift card we had made every excuse under the sun to postpone, followed by a crisp and sunny hike this morning with our ever grateful dog. Back to our condo, music playing, all the windows open and it seemed the perfect moment to throw this cake together. 

I had everything mixed and in the oven in under 30 minutes (including clean-up). Now the entire apartment smells like heavenly-baked fall. I had to photograph the cake straight from the oven as the ample crumble topping was just begging to be slowly picked away by the circling vultures (which to be completely honest were mostly me).

The cake was moist and delicious and the ratio of cake to crumb ideal. While I can't claim that this cake will bring marital bliss, it did equate to a lovely afternoon for the two of us.


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Champagne Cupcakes - Gluten Free

This is the first of three gluten free cupcake recipes!


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Birde & Bauble Themed Bottle Stoppers

handmade bottle/cork stoppers

I made these stoppers (with the help of a few great friends) as favors for an upcoming bridal shower. The wedding will have lots of birds, bright blues and an organic-vintage feel to it (at least that's how I've been imagining it in my head). I was delighted when I saw this DIY project on Design*Sponge and had just been waiting for the right opportunity.


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Ginger-Lime Glazed Peach & Basil Hand Pies

peach pie pastry

My husband loves peaches.

He anxiously awaits their arrival every summer, bringing home the hardest and driest peaches from the store in June with the hopes they will be as good as they are in August.


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things I love...


image of italian street festival in boston
Season the North  End
Parades every weekend, fireworks from our roof deck, street-vendors selling the most delicious fried Italian delicacies.fireworks

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Peanut Butter and Cappuccino Gelato Sandwiches

Peanut Butter & Cappuccino Gelato Sandwiches

Okay, so I have something to admit. My Gingersnap and Lemon Gelato sandwiches, though a new favorite of mine and a hit at the dinner party, were not well received by a certain household member. Maybe it was because with this heat wave and the copious amounts of pre-made chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches that were being consumed I'd vowed to make a better replacement (that didn't have 600+ calories a pop). So I gave the option of a "dreamwich". Pascal chose peanut butter cookies and a cappuccino gelato, of which I was very skeptical. But these turned out completely delicious. There has been a request for future batches to have a soft peanut butter cookie as opposed to these crispy ones. My lesson learned here is that Pascal and I have completely opposite tastes in ice cream sandwiches - I prefer a crunchy, cookie and a refreshing lighter filling, while he opts for soft cookies and creamy, sweet traditional fillings.


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Fireworks Wrap Dress - Pattern

Woman in red and purple wrap dress

This is quickly becoming my new favorite pattern. It's a fantastic wrap dress that is so easy to wear, has great coverage (I love wrap dresses but find the coverage in the chest area lacking sometimes). It also is a quick afternoon sewing project as there are only 2 main pieces of fabric! My pattern is an adaptation from the Hope Dress pattern at BurdayStyle. I've made it sleeveless and tweaked the neckline a bit.


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I Love My Clients - Poster

drawing of faces

I love my clients, all of them.


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Gingersnap & Lemon Gelato Sandwiches

Gingersnap & Lemon Gelato Sandwiches

These were the perfect answer to the recent heat wave here in Boston. An inspiration based off my favorite with-tea winter dessert (Carr's Ginger Lemon Cremes). They aren't completely homemade - I admittedly purchased the lemon gelato on my way home from a particularly sweltering yoga practice. The gingersnap cookie recipe is an adaptation of my normal (chewy/soft) recipe, as I had no molasses in the apartment. They came out a bit crisper than I remember, but I was assured by my dinner crowd that the crispness was a perfect compliment to the soft gelato.


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things I love...
Good Food
stinky cheese, dark chocolate, fresh baked bread, & anything spicy, combined with...
a cold & hoppy
or a crisp and fruity bottle of


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